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Round Clear Tall Cake Box 22cm X 22cm x 38cm

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  • Size: 8.7inches(base) X 15inches(Height)
  • Clear Round PVC Cake Box with double coated film on PVC to prevent it from scratches

A cake box is an essential packaging item for transporting and storing cakes. Whether you’re a professional baker or someone making a homemade cake for a special occasion, a cake box helps ensure that your cake remains protected, presentable, and safe during transportation. Here’s some content that covers the basics of cake boxes:

  1. Purpose and Importance: A cake box serves multiple purposes, including:
  • Protecting the cake from external elements such as dust, humidity, and temperature changes.
  • Preventing the cake from getting damaged or losing its shape during transit.
  • Providing a professional and appealing presentation for cakes meant for gifting or events.
  1. Features and Characteristics:
  • Cake boxes are typically made from sturdy materials like cardboard or paperboard to provide structural integrity.
  • They come in various sizes to accommodate different cake sizes and shapes.
  • Some cake boxes have clear windows or lids, allowing the cake to be displayed without opening the box.
  • Many cake boxes include inserts or supports to keep the cake securely in place during transit.
  • Ventilation holes might be incorporated to prevent condensation and maintain cake freshness.
  1. Types of Cake Boxes:
  • One-piece cake boxes: These boxes have a single piece design, where the base and the lid are attached.
  • Two-piece cake boxes: These consist of a separate base and lid that fit together.
  • Windowed cake boxes: These have a transparent window to showcase the cake without opening the box.
  • Cake slice boxes: Designed for individual cake slices, often used for events or parties.
  1. Usage Tips:
  • Choose a cake box size that provides a bit of extra space around the cake to avoid damaging decorations.
  • Place the cake on a sturdy cake board or base before placing it in the box.
  • If transporting multiple tiers, ensure that each tier is properly supported to prevent collapsing.
  • Use non-slip mats or materials to prevent the cake from sliding during transit.


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