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Styrofoam Square 2inches(5cm) Height Cakes Dummy



We have a variety of Styro Balls, Styro Boards, Styro Cone used for cake dummy.


A cake dummy, also known as a cake dummy or cake dummy tier, is a non-edible, decorative imitation of a cake layer or tier. Cake dummies are typically made from materials like styrofoam, foam board, or other lightweight, food-safe substances. These faux cake layers are commonly used in the baking and cake decorating industry for various purposes. Here’s some content on cake dummies:

  1. Purpose of Cake Dummies: Cake dummies serve several essential purposes in the world of cake decorating and baking. They are used for:
    • Design and Practice: Cake decorators use dummy tiers to practice and perfect their decorating techniques without wasting actual cake and frosting.
    • Display: Cake dummies are used in bakeries and at events like weddings to create impressive multi-tiered cake displays. The fake layers add height and grandeur to the cake without increasing the quantity of real cake needed.
    • Transportation and Stability: When assembling large or multi-tiered cakes, cake dummies can be used as structural supports. They provide stability during transportation and prevent the cake from collapsing.
  2. Materials and Shapes: Cake dummies come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different design needs. They are typically made from:
    • Styrofoam: Lightweight and easy to carve, styrofoam cake dummies are popular choices. They can be covered with fondant, royal icing, or other edible decorations.
    • Foam Board: Foam board dummies are sturdier and can withstand more handling. They are often used for square or rectangular cake dummies.
    • Plastic: Some cake dummies are made from food-grade plastic, which can be reused many times.
  3. Covering and Decorating: Cake dummies are covered and decorated in a similar way to real cakes. Here are some common steps in decorating cake dummies:
    • Coating: Apply a thin layer of buttercream or royal icing to create a smooth surface for fondant or other decorative elements.
    • Fondant Covering: Roll out fondant and drape it over the cake dummy, smoothing it to achieve a clean, polished look.
    • Decorative Elements: Decorate the dummy with edible decorations like gum paste flowers, fondant ribbons, or intricate piping designs.
  4. Advantages of Using Cake Dummies: Cake dummies offer several advantages to both professional cake decorators and home bakers:
    • Cost-Effective: They allow decorators to practice and experiment without the expense of using real ingredients.
    • Time-Saving: Preparing and decorating cake dummies can be quicker than working with actual cake layers.
    • Stability: Cake dummies provide structural support for multi-tiered cakes, reducing the risk of collapse.
    • Reusable: Depending on the material, cake dummies can be reused multiple times, making them environmentally friendly.

In summary, cake dummies are invaluable tools in the cake decorating world, serving multiple purposes from practice to presentation. They offer flexibility, stability, and cost savings while allowing decorators to showcase their creativity and skills.

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