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Spring Form Cake Non-Stick Pans Set of 3

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An aluminum cake pan is a baking pan made from aluminum, a lightweight and excellent heat-conducting material commonly used in kitchenware. Here are some features and considerations related to aluminum cake pans:

  1. Heat Conductivity:
    • Carbonsteel is known for its efficient heat conductivity, which helps cakes bake evenly and consistently.
  2. Lightweight:
    • Carbonsteel cake pans are lightweight, making them easy to handle and maneuver in the kitchen.
  3. Durability:
    • While Carbonsteel is generally durable, it may be more prone to scratching and denting compared to some other materials. However, this doesn’t typically affect its baking performance.
  4. Affordability:
    • Carbonsteel cake pans are often more affordable than pans made from certain other materials, making them a budget-friendly option.
  5. Rust-Resistance:
    • Carbonsteel does not rust, making it a suitable choice for kitchenware that may come into contact with moisture.
  6. Color:
    • Black
  7. Cleaning:
    • Carbonsteel cake pans are easy to clean and may be dishwasher-safe. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care.
  8. Non-Stick Coating:
    • Carbonsteel cake pans come with a non-stick coating, which can make it easier to release the cake from the pan and simplify the cleaning process.
  9. Shapes and Sizes:
    • Cake pans are available in various shapes and sizes, including round, square, and rectangular, to accommodate different baking needs.

10. Sizes: Diameter-24cm Depth: 6.5cm, Diameter-26cm Depth: 6.5cm, Diameter-28cm Depth: 6.5cm

11.Material: Carbonsteel



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