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Paper Cupcake Liners Gold 7.5cm Pack of 1000

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Paper cupcake liners are small, round, and typically pleated cups made from paper. They are used to line muffin or cupcake pans to prevent the batter from sticking to the pan during baking. Here are some key points about paper cupcake liners:

Material: Cupcake liners are commonly made from food-grade paper, and they come in various colors, patterns, and sizes.
Function: The primary purpose of cupcake liners is to make it easier to remove cupcakes or muffins from the pan after baking. They also help maintain the shape of the baked goods and make for easier serving.
Sizes: Cupcake liners come in different sizes to fit standard and mini muffin or cupcake pans. Standard sizes typically have a diameter of 2 inches at the base and 1.25 inches in height, while mini sizes are smaller.
Variety: Besides standard white liners, there are liners available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some liners are even made of greaseproof paper to prevent the cupcake or muffin from sticking to the liner.
Baking Tips: It’s important to note that while cupcake liners are popular for their convenience, some bakers prefer not to use them. Liners can sometimes affect the texture of the outer layer of the cupcake. If you prefer a crispy edge, you may choose to bake cupcakes directly in a greased pan.
Decorative Uses: In addition to their functional purpose, paper cupcake liners are often used for decorative purposes. They can add a pop of color or complement a theme for special occasions and events.

When using cupcake liners, it’s important to follow the baking instructions for your recipe and consider whether you want to use them for convenience or if you prefer a different method for baking cupcakes or muffins.


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