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Blue Baker Ingredients Milk Chocolate Compound 2.5Kg

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Blue Baker Ingredients White Chocolate Compound 2.5 kg.

Blue Baker Milk Chocolate Compound Blocks are crafted with the finest ingredients to bring a velvety, creamy texture and a delightful sweetness to your creations. Made from a blend of cocoa solids, milk solids, and sugar, these compound blocks offer a balanced flavor profile that is perfect for a wide range of baking applications. With a smooth melt and easy tempering, they ensure consistent results every time. Whether you’re making decadent cakes, indulgent cookies, or luxurious confections, Blue Baker Milk Chocolate Compound Blocks are the ideal choice to elevate your baked goods to the next level.


  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Rich milk chocolate flavor
  • Easy to melt and temper
  • Ideal for baking and confectionery
  • Made with high-quality ingredients


Use Blue Baker Milk Chocolate Compound Blocks to make chocolate ganache, truffles, brownies, chocolate sauce, or to enrobe cakes and pastries. They can also be chopped or shaved to add chunks or flakes to cookies, muffins, or ice cream. The possibilities are endless with this versatile baking ingredient.

Origin: Jordan

Weight: 2.5 KG

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Expiry: 19/12/ 2025

Ingredients: Fully Hydrogenated Kernel Oil( from Palm), Sugar Skim milk Powder(from Cow), Cocoa Powder (Fat 10-12%), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) E322 Milk Protein(From Cow), Natural Identical Vanilla Flavor.

Recommended storage temperature – 18 – 25 degree celsius