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Adjustable Cake Leveler Cutter 12inch x 6.25inch

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This feature-packed leveler makes it easier than ever to create perfectly straight cake tops and layers. The cake leveler does it all-safe, precise cutting. easy height adjustment and convenient storage!
Complete instructions included.

Serrated stainless steel blade for
effortless cutting with fewer crumbs.

Twist-lock feet raise and lower blade with ease.

Blade has eight height positions for cutting delicate torted cakes and slicing off the cake crowns to make the top of your cake level.

Folds in a snap for safe, easy storage!
Just slide the handle sleeve to unlock and fold in the sides. Includes clamp to lock legs when folded and blade covers to store safely anywhere!

Blade adjusts easily to 8 heights!
Use shorter settings to cut delicate layers for beautiful torted cakes. Or, create perfectly level cake tops for decorating by adjusting blade up to 3 in high!


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