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Bakers Village Yellow Fondant Sugar Paste 1Kg

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• Our fondant or sugar paste is a customized recipe made especially for GCC weather conditions.
• It is highly pliable and can cover cakes without any cracks.
• The taste is very subtle and not so sweet.
• When used properly with CMC powder it can be used to make any kind of figures.
• It is made of high quality ingredients to produce a rich taste.
• This sugar paste or fondant is manufactured as per European standards and hence very high in quality.
• It is made in Turkey by one of the top three manufacturers in the region.

Made in Turkey

Available Packing: 1kg

Baker’s Village” Yellow Color Sugar Paste often known as fondant is a premium-grade Sugar paste brand specifically designed for professional and home bakers. Because of its quality and ease of use, Yellow Color Sugar Paste fondant gives a sunny burst color superior texture, and consistency also making it ideal for creating beautifully decorated fondant cakes and pastries.

How to use Yellow Color sugar paste(Fondant)?
Once the Yellow Color Sugar Paste is unpacked, then squeeze or press the fondant to soften it. Make sure your work surface is clean, dry, and lightly dusted with sugar powder or cornstarch. Take a portion of the yellow sugar paste fondant and blend it in your hands until it becomes soft, flexible and easy to work with. Blending helps to warm up the paste and make it easy to form different shapes. Use a rolling pin to roll out the sugar paste to the limited thickness, smooth, even surface without cracks. With the rolling pin lift the rolled-out sugar paste and wrap the cake with it. Use Additional colors of sugar paste or edible paints for finishing touches.

Benefits of using Ready Made Yellow Color  Sugar Paste Fondant:
Using  Yellow Color Sugar Paste Fondant provides several benefits,
When it comes to Premium Quality and Texture our Sugar Paste brand plays a major role. Our Cake fondant is designed to be easy for both professional and home bakers. Because of its smooth, flexible consistency and Yellow color sugar paste, it is easy for rolling, shaping, molding, and cake decorating tasks to do easy and also save time. Our Sugar paste brand has long-term consistency in resealable containers, So that the sugar paste fondant stays fresh and soft for extended periods, You can expect consistent results every time you use it. So if you use our sugar paste brand there is no worry about fondant drying.

Order Sugar Paste Online:
Improve your Baking ideas with Bakers Village Yellow color Sugar Paste fondant-order sugar paste online and add a touch of vibrancy and sophistication to your sweet treats.